Terms of Service

It is essential that all our customers/visitors must be aware of complete terms of service that is followed on doubleyourlineguidez.com. Kindly go through the terms and conditions on the website before making use of any service here.

www.doubleyourlineguidez.com Does Not Own Any Credit Card

The website is in contact with different credit card providers and hosts their card applications so customers can access them easily. Therefore, doubleyourlineguidez.com only takes the responsibility of providing authentic application links to a variety of credit cards. This does not imply that the website owns any of these.

The Website Does Not Take Responsibility For Any Inaccuracy

Since the website does not own any card, it is not responsible for inaccuracies or misinformation that might be provided by the merchant. The link directs you to all the data, materials, and content as supplied by credit card providers. Only the merchant in question can be held responsible for their authenticity. Furthermore, the website will not be responsible if you face any damage or loss during your transaction with the credit card suppliers.

The Website Maintain Financial Relationship With The Mentioned Merchants

Doubleyourlineguidez.com maintained a financial relationship with credit card providers. It hosts authentic links to credit card application forms to increase awareness and generate more sales. It is compensated in exchange for these services when a product cited on the website is sold using the link mentioned here.

All the Information Here Is For Educational Purpose Only

The website has gathered information to educate customers before they opt for a credit card. Therefore, the recommendations here should not be misinterpreted for legal advice or tips for personal credit management. If you think that you need proper guidance before selecting a credit card, we suggest that you get in contact with reliable lawyers or financial advisors.

www.doubleyourlineguidez.com Reserves The Right To Modify Terms As Per Need

The terms and conditions mentioned on the website, along with privacy policies, can be changed without any prior notice. The information is always kept up to date and therefore it might be renewed as soon as the merchant introduces any changes. In order to stay in touch with the latest rates, fees, and terms for the credit card, we suggest you always go through the information on the card’s official website.

Doubleyourlineguidez.com can also discontinue a product if needed. This may be done permanently, temporarily, with or without the consultation of the merchant. It may still be available via other websites that host credit card applications. Please note that if the product is removed temporarily, readers will be notified beforehand.